Other Paintings Hub

This is the hub of all of my paintings I feel are worthy to sell. What I mean by that is I have some paintings I want to give away, but these are the ones I want to sell. They are separated into categories explaining what sizes and styles you will find in each section. There are about 500 paintings altogether. Like the front page I would reaffirm my offer to sell 8x10 prints for $20 each, plus the shipping. Message me at dave.manicom@gmail.com or just click "contact me."

As for the best deals I offer is the commissioned works, because for the base price I promise my best quality where if I did it for myself I may charge more. That is able to be seen in this section where some paintings are now my favorite so they mean more to me. But I would try to do the same painting, or your photograph better than my best originals. However, if by the rare chance you want a perfect city skyline I will do my ultimate best but I am going to be charging based on difficulty when I need to. 

Thank you for viewing this gallery and if you join my mailing list (something I still have to figure out how to use) that would be cool. I look forward to making many friends through my business and show the spirit of truth and fairness, as well as always trying to make the most beautiful painting possible. 

God bless

-Dave Manicom

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