Music Hub of David Manicom

Travelling Man a blues/funk/hip hop instrumental

Galactic War 

A Rap Instrumental album

Like an Old Tin Soldier

Lion King, a Romantic Song

Frontier A cosmic exploration.

My Bio

My music name is Sparrow Mountain, but I also use it for my youtube channel in a general sense. I can rap but not very well. I can play guitar but its mostly just at a recording artist level and I can't play chords yet. My key that got me into music was drums, I play hand drums (bongos/Djembe) and piano on a very low level, but it all helps me map music very good. 

I have a dream to make a making of DVD download through Patreon of my first album this year done as one solid music video. Its my main goal that everything else feeds into. The painting sales go into gear I would need and the ability to up my online game using as a storefront and a lot more. but once I get to what I really want to do its half and half, and anyone looking at my life would say its 95/5 painting, and thats where I want things to change. 

If you're a good rapper looking for good, old school beats and just want to talk about maybe buying a beat from me email Thanks. 

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