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This song is my favorite I ever made, its called Travelling Man. I have a few other songs on Youtube right now, but I need to upgrade my wix site to fit a dedicated page to youtube music. But you can check it out, just type my name and you will find me. Subscribe if you want to support. All respect will be reciprocated. Thanks

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Hey everyone my name is David Manicom and I am a djembe playing, guitar playing, piano playing and Fruityloops mapping musician. In truth based on losing my old computer I have very little of my music available to me, but intend on making a lot in the near future. I map hip hop mostly, but with guitar and djembe I want to get into my preferred funk and blues mixed. 

I am not an accomplished musician, but I do love making music. To listen to all of my music go to "David Manicom" on youtube and I would love it if you left a comment and told me you found it through my website. I am moving into a new stage of my making music where I plan on representing my music to the fullest. What that means exactly I don't know yet, but in part it means being careful and persistent to each original song idea as it comes to me. Thanks, Dave SM Manicom. 

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