Commissions Explained

My commission prices are $150 for an 8x10, $175 for a 9x12 $300 for an 11x14, $350 for a 12x16, $500 for a 16x20, $600 for an 18x24. 8x10 prints are available of every painting for $10 each, a minimum of 2 if shipped, $5 shipping, deals apply. 16x20's and 18x24's are best to be canvases, however my basic principle for the other sizes is to use canvas boards, which are easier to frame. You can ask for canvases of either size however. 

Company of Friends 16x20 canvas $500

This painting was not a commission, but rather a concept designed by me. It is however a good explanation for how my commissions work. It is for sale for $500 as you can see here, and the same size of something as a guaranteed commissioned sale will be priced at $500. In a sense you can like one of my paintings and ask me to redo one just like it for the commissioned price, it won't be identical, but I will put as much effort in as the original. 

To show you how I come up with my originals I am using this painting and its reference photos. This is the photo of the clouds I used. I am not a photo realist painter but more a detail impressionist. So no two paintings would ever be exactly the same. You can ask for things like say your house with a sunset behind it, when maybe your house is located where a sunset would never be behind it. But you can ask a whole lot more too, like this one. 

This is the photo I used to size up the grass I wanted in the field. By using it as the foreground grass and being loose about it the painting has a unique feeling, and so will yours. 

This was a fantastic moment when I captured these 4 deer situated as they are with the two pheasants. The female pheasant can be mistaken for a shrub so I left it out, but I wanted to show how often the best paintings come from great photographs, and while I am not a great photographer I'm decent. In truth to the left of this photo are like 6 other deer but thankfully the spacing was right to capture just the 4 and the pheasants. 

This final photograph taken from the same place shows the house and the trees I used to make the whole scene come together. 

I hope this shows what I am capable of and that if you're interested you can see my prices are fair. If you're interested I would want you to know that anything can be achieved as long as you like my style. I can do things like motorcycles, cars, portraits, logos, comic book renditions, all nature scenes, sunsets, oceans and a lot more. What it comes down to is you seeing that in my learning curve I cannot do photo realism yet, and may never really try to anyways. But if you like the feel of the things I paint it is key to see that my newer paintings especially the 16x20's are getting much better, in fact potentially better than the $600 price I charge for commissions. But as you would be guaranteeing a sale with a non refundable $300 (half) up front purchase I would be ideally motivated to make your idea come to life. 

So maybe soon you will find my website through the different methods I plan to use to market, and if you do the best way to contact me is my email address you can ask any question and although I ask for half up front on any size commission I will not consider the painting finished until you sign off on it being what you want. If by chance I go too far with the paint that it is relatively impossible to fix I will pay for the supplies and start over at no charge to you. Thank you and God bless. 

Daid (RE) Manicom

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