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Pathway to Light 16x20 Canvas $3000

I went to Michaels (Canada's big art supply store) and saw 20 16x20's at the front. I already wanted at least 10 and they come in packs of 5, so I bought the 20 pack. I then decided I wouldn't use any unless I was devoted to using each one at a time. I didn't believe this painting would look like this, I saw more impressionism but as the field and path took form i sensed I was looking for as realistic as I can do. I am very proud to be able to show this one. I hope it finds a great home. 

Autumn Feelings 16x20 $1000

This is a 16x20 painting straight from my imagination. I need to do some work on my website so this picture depicts a square canvas and is incorrect. I will change it asap, but it does show the basic scene, just a little of the sides are missing. I hope you like it.

Serenity Clouds 18x24 $1600

In this painting I bring together having painted about 300 sunsets before this one and all because I love sunsets. So none were practice and that aided me here. I chose to add some abstractions to the clouds and water making an impactful painting of serentiy. I hope it finds a good home.

"Rarest Crabapple" 11x14 watercolor $500

This painting of a crab apple among leaves has been a standout to many people. I love it and hope to do more like it soon. This is done with watercolor paint and is my favorite watercolor painting to date. I hope you like it. 

African Queen 20x20 inch canvas $2000

This painting was painted from a free reference of a beautiful black lady with a scarf life this. At the start I painted just the body structure and took my time in case there were any mistakes with the dimensions. I like to paint conceptually in layers but the body structure was too big and didn't work, so I carefully painted the body in with the red and a dramatic thing happened, she didn't look like the photo except for the scarf, so I kept it and made the dress blue. This is the painting I am most proud of in my progress as a painter. 

Dandelions 12x16 CanvasBoard $400

This was an adventure trying to capture the flow of yellow and the distance to show the trees and mountains. I painted it for all of the parts to be in it.  My intention is to impress you with the yellow but identify with the horses.

British Columbia Grizzly 12x16 canvasboard $800

This Grizzly was during one of my first studies of copying from photographs. Also it was at this time that I started working with animals. I like the driftwood, it is relatively conceptual here, and yet almost looks like the photo felt.

Brook Crossing 16x20 canvas $400 showing at corridor art gallery Truro Hospital

This painting is from a reference photo of my neighborhood woods where the brook runs over these very submerged logs, the same logs that have been there since we were kids. I loved the suns impact on this day and so it was natural the way the sun is sparkling and it feels inviting to walk up beside it. That was what I wanted to capture, the way you are drawn into nature to revisit it. 

Coat of Many Colors 12x16 Canvas Board $800

I wanted to paint something inspired by the Bible, and a little bit of Native coloring. My heart on my sleeve I drew out what I thought would be cool, never knowing how good the light teal head would look on the eagles body of glory. I see cultures like the different colors, all different, but coming together in such essential ways. 

The Invitation 16x20 canvas $600

This is part of my Truro Heights collection. I take all of the photos for references to these paintings, but this ones simplicity and yet rugged beauty is special to me. I hope it finds a great home, I hope you like it. 

Heaven's Oasis 11x14 $600

Dream Reflection 12x16 $400

Heavens Oasis is from a picture of a very memorable day for my family. I was walking in Victoria Park, Truro Nova Scotia with my Dad, Sister and my two nieces and it was so sunny. I took 160 photos that day and have already used several of them because of how the sun was that day, brilliant but light like powering through puffy clouds. So the shore was more lit then yellow.

This is where the day transcends the normal and enters into the epic. It is that cottage trip you never knew to plan because it was inland on a lake you never knew existed. Your friend is preparing breakfast on a mini stove in the cabin-cottage and your dog is sitting next to you as you study the lake through the haze. It is beautiful and surreal the way the glow of the day is on the water and the world takes on that kind of feeling like you need to take every detail in note. I hope this finds a good home. 

Maitland Nova Scotia Shoreline 12x16 CanvasBoard $600

Nova Scotia Shoreline is just that, it is Maitland Nova Scotia to be exact. I went for a country drive with my Dad a few years back and took about 200 photos. I've used about 5 or 6 already and this one was a journey. I loved subtly making the smudge of brown sandy dirt have color for water. The grass was essentially where I learned grass, this painting was a big breakthrough for me and I didn't realize its quality until much more recently.

New Additions
My Wild Friend 9x12
The Bliss of the Coast 8x10
Caribou River 8x10
Glacier Stream 8x10
$150 photo credit goes to @Phil_Wolfman on IG
Canadian Geese
spoken for, still available as prints, contact me
Blue Green Oasis
9x12 acrylic on watercolor paper $300
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Sweet Night Music 12x16 canvas $400

Mountaineering 16x20 Canvas $500

Magenta Sunset 12x16 canvas $400

Snowy Owl 8x10 Watercolor $150

Bright Morning 12x16 canvasboard $400

Summer Hideaway 11x14 canvasboard $300

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