About Me

Hey everyone this is David Manicom. This is my first legitimate website. I have my blog connected to this website so please check it out, I will be writing a lot this winter and will include as many highlights in my blog. 

I am an avid soccer player, I love the New York Rangers and the NHL, I play a lot of ball hockey and am actually looking to making a hockey tutorial. I am a die hard Christian and I have a mental illness and want to become a mental health advocate in the future. 

I have been writing my dedication to faith in Jesus and my story finding God for over 19 years and while I have been patiently getting better at writing it starts to wear on a person how much patience is needed. But my story is filled with valuable lessons where its not me being great but growing up with such great people. The experiences we had helped me heal and I am a better person because of it. But Jesus rescued me every time I needed him, and I am a better person because of that. 

I love competition, I think it is why I am getting good at painting really fast. I see it like I'm competing with my fellow artists for desirability in my work but also with the old masters for longevity of sight. I feel like it is a worthy pursuit to try and capture Gods creation. 

My passions are healthy music. Grace Vanderwaal is to be prayed for in my books. But my real influences are Rage Against The Machine, when I say Wu tang clan some will know I don't know really anything about their discography but I love their swagger and how they coined it in such beautiful ways. Tupac was the best story teller, eminem the best tactician, dre the most coined, snoop the coolest, 50 cent the baddest. But its like they all grew up with us, or we grew up with them. The rap scene is choice right now and rightfully so. Bridging instruments and people looking for a tour life the potential is literally limitless. 

I am writing a book, I don't want to talk to the whole world about. Its about stealing ideas, so I might as well not let mine be stolen in the process. But the truth is here with us we don't need more of it, it needs more of us. Jesus is the it, and getting to know God is like dude snap out of it, its simple I love you fully. 

I am starting a youtube story with varied videos. Early subscriptions to my mocked up youtube channel would boost my confidence. featherlight productions in the search finds me. I am a Christian through and through, but I'm also an optimist, and a failed over eater. I need prayers. Go Rangers Go!

God Bless


If you have any questions please feel free to email me. again for ease it is dave.manicom@gmail.com  

Thanks and God bless. 

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