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Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. This is my site dedicated to my progress as a painter and mixed media sketch artist. It will grow in time to be more interactive and pages dedicated to tutorials. I am an artist with all kinds of interests and related business ideas, like music, video and my website with painting being obviously my focus, but so much more. I want to write a book, make a movie this year, create a successful youtube presence where what I feel is represented. In time to own a production company for movies and to be a very good director. I understand people go to school for years for dreams like this, but social media and software has propelled the possibilities of video through the roof. 

I have embarked on my painting journey already but now I am bridging my painting business with my video journalling this year. So I will host all well made pieces of art on film on this website but also on its sister page "Sparrow Mountain" on Youtube. 

The goals are grand but the vision is simple, I want to be self sufficient as a business owner by this time 2021. Its a simple matter of being focused and motivated, the work doesn't get done by itself, but as for being inspirational at every turn it is epic. I have been praying for this year for my whole life, now it is up to me to change the bets against me and see my character grow as the challenges are faced. 

My custom paintings are no longer me trying to make sales as I can't keep up with my own projects which are more valuable to my business. So custom prices are higher depending on how difficult the idea is, if its a cat its $200 for an 8x10, but if its a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower it may be $500 for that same size. I hope that's not too confusing. Its not a price hike its about knowing some really tough ones are possible now because of my growth in skill and that means I can agree to challenges before I couldn't. 

I hope you follow my blog and my interactive elements to my website, like a place for you to store some of your online journals for people to read. Things like essays and old school work worth noting in a semi permanent location on my forums. I will be looking into a storefront for my website, but for now I will correspond with any future clients until you're completely sure I know what you want, and the sale will be done with e-transfer through email. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my website. 

David "Sparrow Mountain" Manicom

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