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Hey everyone thank you for visiting my website. This is David (RE) Manicom the painter, signed DREM on my paintings. This website is my major attempt to have a good starting point for people to get to know me and my paintings. I am a 35 year old artist who does painting effectively, but who also writes, makes films and music and has lots of plans to be more effective in each moving forward. I am not as good at the other art forms as painting, but then painting is a work in progress too, so its like a reminder that some paintings work out really well, but every form of art has learning curves. I hope to raise your accessibility to my youtube channel through this site once I can and make this an immersive connectivity hub for my art. 

My major push for making my art available to you in your home for what you could want is a 4 level system. The first is my originals which sometimes sell for more than the rest even if the skill is comparable to a custom order. The reason is originals that work out took me setting a course of effort for something I had never created before, so you are buying a painting, but also a piece of art in my first major learning curve. I will not sell them based on their potential value, but on where they stand in value to you and myself.

The second major effort to get you a piece of art that you love is to make myself continually available for custom orders "commissions." These will be available in 5 major sizes that I do often: 8x10 ($150),9x12 ($200) 11x14 ($250), 12x16 ($350) and 16x20 canvases ($500). However, some of my canvas paintings turn out better than normal and thus get a higher price. I want to be clear that a commissioned sale will get my best effort possible to accomplish what you're looking for, the price will be divided into half up front for supplies and half at point of sale. I will ship around the world and shipping will be added to the price in North America, but added to the price elsewhere in the world, in that way you know the full cost up front except shipping outside of NA. These paintings can be anything from abstract and surrealism ideas to nature, portraits and up to you to decide if they are watercolor or my normal which is good quality acrylic paint. I will also do unique sizes and ship anything, but take into account a 16x20 canvas needs to be shipped very carefully so it can cost around $50-$100 extra to the world market. (Also, check out the page linked at the front titled "Commissions explained) to see what I can accomplish for you.

The third way I will enable you to cost effectively get my art into your home is I will be selling 100% of my paintings listed here on my website as 8x10 prints for $20 a piece. I can go to smaller sizes, but for these prints I will not be offering bigger sizes. Shipping comes into play outside of Truro, Nova Scotia (where I live), but it shouldn't be anymore than $10 extra. I will have a deal like 3 for $50 if that ever comes into play. This way family, friends and new friends can purchase gifts for fans or yourselves and not break the bank to do so. The paintings at higher prices will cost the same as paintings at lower prices, and I will go to the post office once a week on the same day (I haven't sold many this way yet so I don't know what day I will pick when I'm doing it often) so you might have to wait a bit longer to get it shipped than a full price original. I hope you take me up on this offer. 

The final way and maybe more interesting to a lot of you is I am presently uploading all my best paintings and photographs on a site called Redbubble. I will have the link here when I am ready and it enables you to turn a beautiful photograph into a full canvas, as well as clothing and other interesting, well made products. If you get a commission I will ask at the end if you would mind me hosting it there for others to buy. If you don't like that idea I totally understand, but when someone is okay with it that would be great. 

The basic way to get a hold of me is my email dave.manicom@gmail.com and I hope to hear from you, please enjoy my website just for the search even if you never find what you hoped would be here. I planned on having client reviews from my first 4 years of painting but I'm unsure of how to go about that, also I had a triptych 3x 20x20 inch canvases made for a family friend and I wanted pictures of that but I lost them. It was mostly for the advantage to show how a commissioned request can be anything, the only thing that matters to you is the size changes the price however the skill required doesn't. 

I hope you see these as good deals. I hope to be painting for you, or making you prints in the near future. But I appreciate all of you regardless of sales. I'm growing a lot as an artist but I have so much more to learn and areas where I want to grow. I have a blog on here, which as of October 16th 2019 I am going to restart and stay focused on. I am going to have an about me section and go into more detail. As well I want to show some videos here, but I also don't want to weigh down my website with so much information. So I will have contact information that will include my social networking platforms and would love for each of you to follow me at those hubs. Letting me know you found me through my website is a big help, and if I create an email list in the future I will ask for your permission to add you. Thanks again, Dave. 

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